Querying, Indexing, and Full-Text Search

This course covers how to write SQL-like queries, create secondary indexes, aggregate data, and perform full-text search with the RediSearch module.

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What you will learn

This course teaches you how to query structured and unstructured data in Redis. Using the RediSearch module, you'll learn:

  • How to query data in Redis with SQL-like flexibility
  • How to use boolean logic, full-text search, numeric ranges, geo radiuses, and more
  • How to create secondary indexes for your existing Redis data
  • How to build reporting and analytics queries using aggregations (COUNT, SUM, etc.)


  • Web Browser: Firefox 39.0+ or Chrome 43+ (Internet Explorer is not supported)
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7+ 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04+ 64-bit, or Windows 10
  • Software: Docker, or local installs of Redis 5 or 6 with the RediSearch module installed
  • Non-blocked access to youtube.com and university.redislabs.com